Sun June 30
20:25 – 21:25
Groot Podium


Beth Ditto has the most impressive voice in the indie rock scene, and don't you dare prove us wrong. Her vocal chords are dripping with raw rock 'n' roll, which is powerfully performed on hits 'Standing in the Way of Control' and 'Heavy Cross'. Gossip's mix of punk, disco and soul is extremely danceable and ideal for shaking off frustrations. New singles 'Crazy Again' and 'Real Power' have already been released and a new album has been announced in March ('Real Power', produced by Rick Rubin). The group themselves describe their sound anno 2024 as 'a return to our punk roots, but with a touch of psychedelic Motown vibes'. Interesting! Gossip will no doubt give an empowering performance full of rrriot girl energy and catchy songs. No rest for the wicked on this Sunday night!

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