TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!                   TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!                   TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!                   TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!                   TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!                  TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!

Open-air live concerts by memorable artists at a mesmerizing location.

Live is Live is a new event that focuses on the ultimate visitor experience during renowned artists’ live concerts. At our temporary venue and unique location, we invite headliners only to give all their best on stage! For EDITION ➀, we’ll set up our temporary stage on the beach in Zeebrugge! At Live is Live we really want you to feel the full live experience! Every single one of our show days has a lineup packed with carefully selected yet renowned headliners. The tone of our different concert days can vary widely depending on the announced lineup. Our first featured artists joining us on the beach are The National and Duran Duran, we'll be launching additional dates and names to our lineup in the upcoming days and weeks!



On Friday, June 17 2022, The National will join us on the beach of Zeebrugge for their only (!) show in the Benelux in 2022. Superlatives for their previous live performances in Belgium make us long for summer even more... Stunning. Intense. Breathtaking. Perfection. Top-notch. We’re so excited to announce them as our first headliner and can’t wait to enjoy their live concert with all of you. 

Full lineup for this day:

Tickets for June 17 2022 are on sale now!


The iconic British band Duran Duran is coming to Zeebrugge Beach on Sunday June 19. Besides The National, Duran Duran is the second headliner for Live is Live. In October Duran Duran released their 15th album, 'Future Past'. The pop legends have proven themselves timeless, always innovating and reinventing, to remain ahead of the curve.

More names will be announced soon.

Tickets for June 19 2022 are on sale now!

“And everyone gave everything and every song, everybody sang: Live is life!”


Zeebrugge Beach
address: Zeedijk 1, 8380 Zeebrugge 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the incomparable spacious setting of Zeebrugge’s beach is perfect for you to enjoy some of the finest live music performances. A location that can handle large crowds, rowdy performances whilst guaranteeing a pure and intimate vibe. Live is Live focuses on high-quality comfort at all levels. We aim to make you feel welcome and safe, so you can fully indulge in the artist’s live performance. From noon till midnight, it’s you and the artists you came for. 


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