Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some common questions to help you plan your visit to Live is Live

On site information

/ I am breastfeeding

You are breastfeeding and would like to pump your milk on the festival site? You can go to the first aid tent to pump maternal milk. There is also a small fridge for storage.

/ Will there be lockers?

Yes! You can leave your stuff by the entrance in lockers. You can reserve your locker in advance via the following link.

The possible options are:

  • Extra Large - 6 or 8 coats: 43cm H - 22.5cm W - 43cm D
  • Medium High - 3-4 coats or 1 backpack (positioned at eye level): 22.3cm H - 21.5cm W - 43cm D
  • Medium Low - 3-4 coats or 1 backpack (positioned lower): 22.3cm H - 21.5cm W - 43cm D

Lockers are accessible from opening of the festival until 30mins after the last show.
Do you have any practical questions about the lockers? Please contact

/ Feeling unsafe at Live /s Live?

Your safety is very important to us! If you don't feel ok or safe, we have a care team at our festival. You can also always speak to someone at the bars, they will refer you to the care team. The care team will listen and help you with discretion.

/ House rules Live /s Live

We hope you’ll have an amazing time at our event! By buying a ticket and/or entering the event site, the visitor agrees to these house rules:

  • Visitors must adhere to the house rules and instructions of the organization and (local) authorities.
  • If the organization deems this necessary to maintain peace and order during the event, in any case if public order or safety is endangered during the event, it has the right to grant the visitor no (further) access to the event, and/or remove the person from the event location.
  • Visitors enter and attend the event at their own risk. The organization is not liable for loss, theft or damage to visitors' belongings or for health damage such as, but not limited to, hearing and sight damage and other disorders.
  • Persons under the age of 16 will only be admitted if they are accompanied by a person of 18 years or older. Everyone needs a valid admission ticket.
  • Access to the event is only granted upon presentation of a valid admission ticket in combination with a valid ID.
  • The wristband that is obtained on arrival at the event must be worn on the wrist for the entire duration of the event. A wristband that is not worn on the wrist does not give access to the event.
  • To enable the organization to comply with its legal obligations, visitors must be able to identify themselves upon request.
  • The organization does not serve alcohol to -16 year olds and liquor to -18 year olds.
  • The organisation has a zero tolerance policy for any form of violence or discrimination.
  • Registration of the event without prior written consent of the organization in any form whatsoever, including professional photography, filming and making sound and/or image recordings for commercial purposes, is prohibited, as is emphasis of and/or transfer from printed matter.
  • The following items are not allowed to take to the event site: food, glassware, cans, camelbags, large or heavy bags, pets (with the exception of assistance animals), (folding) chairs (a small folding stool is allowed), inflatable objects, parasols, selfiesticks, drugs (including nitrous oxide cartridges and openers), fireworks, weapons and firearms, dangerous objects (including – but not limited to – aerosol cans or CS gas), flags and professional photo, film and other recording equipment. Reusable non-metal water bottles are allowed empty. Plastic disposable bottles are not allowed. A light (back) bag or small backpack is no problem, but will be checked at the entrance by a security officer.
  • Heavy medicines, food and liquids that are necessary in connection with a health condition may be taken in, in combination with a medicine passport (available free of charge at any pharmacy, take into account an application time of approx. 3 weeks).
  • The organization will confiscate or have confiscated items that are not permitted at the entrance. Legal valuables can be picked up later, illegal things are handed over to the police.
  • Visitors to the event can be checked/searched at the entrance. Visitors who refuse to cooperate may be denied access to the event.
  • Each visitor pays 1 euro (environmentalcontribution) for a cup, plastic bottle or can when purchasing their first drink. You can exchange your cup/bottle/can for a new one when you return to the bar. You can also exchange it for an eco token at the bar or with our mobile eco team. An eco token or cup/bottle/can can never be exchanged for money, not even at the end of the day or the end of the festival. Exception: special beer bar (see instructions there).
  • Smoking is not allowed in tents, canopies and (temporary) buildings. Fines imposed on the organization, caused by an action of the visitor, will be recovered from the visitor.
  • It is not allowed to crowd surf, make fire(s), and/or carry out commercial activities on the site, and/or express yourself in any way offensive, discriminatory or insulting or wear or distribute such signs.
  • Video and photo recordings will be made during the festival, with the possibility that the visitor may be filmed. Upon entering the festival grounds, the visitor waives the portrait right.

/ Will there be food & drinks? Can I bring my own?

Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks, Live is Live will make sure to provide a wide range of options on our venue grounds.

Great quality food is a must for Live is Live, but we didn’t stop there. We’ll focus on a variety of dishes and bites by local well-known restaurants. Discover our full food lineup here!

No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to drink alcohol, no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to drink strong liquor.

/ Cashless

Live is Live will be completely cashless. This means that you can use your bank card everywhere, including the bars and food stalls. No more queuing up for coupons or tokens! Pay with a bank or credit card, or with your payment app.

/ What can/can't I bring?

Prohibited items are: food, glassware, cans, camelbags, large or heavy bags, pets (with the exception of assistance animals), (folding) chairs (a small folding stool is allowed with medical prescription), inflatable objects, parasols, selfiesticks, drugs (including nitrous oxide cartridges and openers), fireworks, weapons and firearms, dangerous objects (including – but not limited to – aerosol cans or CS gas), flags and professional photo, film and other recording equipment. Reusable non-metal waterbottles are allowed empty. Plastic disposable bottles are not allowed. A light (back) bag or small backpack is no problem, but will be checked at the entrance by a security officer.

Live is Live is not responsible for any loss, theft, accidents, damage and/or any acts of mother nature. By entering the venue grounds you automatically agree on being searched, we reserve the right to deny access to those who refuse to be searched.

Discover all house rules here.

/ Respect and environmental sustainability

As a new venue, it’s our responsibility to create an experience that benefits the guests and the environment. We’re committed to hosting the ultimate best live concerts whilst protecting the amazing tranquil surroundings. Respect and environmental sustainability lie at the heart of our event’s vision. We put the emphasis on doing good and demand our audience to do the same. We aim to let the widest number of people enjoy live music by generating a venue where tolerance, openness and respect are fundamental.

Steps we are taking as a festival:

  • Protective measures for nature on and around grounds
  • Noise limits monitored
  • Healthy food options
  • Commit to local food partners
  • Focus on public transport
  • Promote bicycle
  • Extra trams after the last show to discourage car
  • Deploy vacuum toilets (less water and no chemicals)
  • No plastic cutlery
  • Sort trash
  • Reusable cups
  • Eco team keeping the grounds tidy, helping to recycle and handing out eco tokens

How does the cup system work?

Very simple: the first time you order a drink at the bar, you pay a 1 euro environmental contribution for a reusable cup, bottle or can.
Don't throw away your cup/bottle/can, just swap them when you go to get a new drink.
Want your hands free? Then swap your cup/bottle/can for an eco token from our mobile eco team or at the bar.

Did you lose your cup/bottle/can/eco token? Then you have to pay 1 euro again at the bar.

At the end of the day, you can leave your cup/bottle/can with the eco team at the exit.

Please note: at the special beers bar, there is a different cup and deposit system. Please check all conditions there.
An eco token or cup/bottle/can can can never be exchanged for money, not even at the end of the day or the end of the festival. We ask for this euro because of stricter environmental legislation and use it for correct processing of reusable cups and sorting of waste.

General Info

/ Lost and found

If you lost anything on site and could not retrieve it anymore, you can check the police office in Deurne (Unolaan 2) if they have what you are looking for. You need need to make an appointment for this via
If you forgot to empty your locker, it's the same procedure as mentioned above.

/ Can I leave the festival and come back later?

Yes, of course you can! You receive a wristband when entering the festival. You need to keep that wristband on, and this way you leave the festival and come back later without any problem!

/ Merchandise

Live is Live and Monar have joined forces! The Antwerp-based clothing collective has designed a collection especially for our event. The Monar team went to work with our artwork and the result is this surprising merchandise line. Discover the new merchandise now here.

/ Inhabitants Linkeroever

Do you live at Linkeroever and close to Middenvijver? You can find more info about everything happening in your neighbourhood via and
Have you got specific questions as an inhabitant about parking, closed roads or how to obtain any passes during the event? You can send and email to

/ How do I apply for photo/press accreditation?

You can use the form below to apply for your press or photo pass for Live is Live 2024. Please read all the information and conditions. An application does not automatically mean approval of accreditation.
You can apply until Wednesday June 12.

Apply here.

/ What's the timetable? When to arrive?

We recommend organizing and preparing your visit as much as possible. You can find the timetable here on our website. Please note that all timings are subject to changes.

/ Terms & Conditions

You can find the terms and conditions here.

/ Are there age restrictions? Can children join?

We welcome all ages to Live /s Live, children of all ages are permitted. However, all children up to and including the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. All guests entering Live /s Live —including infants and children — require a valid ticket.

No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to drink alcohol, no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to drink strong liquor.


/ Where and when can I buy tickets?

Tickets are sold only through authorised ticket agent See Tickets. Please make sure to only purchase tickets from our authorized ticketing affiliate! Buy your tickets here.

Since October 1st 2013 reselling of tickets for events and/or concerts is covered by the act of 30 July 2012. This act stipulates the regular and/or occasional reselling tickets for events and concerts at a price higher than the definitive price of the original seller is prohibited.


Want to be able to see what chords the guitarist is playing? Immerse yourself in the show as if you were on stage with them. With FRONTSTAGE you can look the artist straight in the eye! Or would you rather relax in your own seat and enjoy the concerts? Then choose SEATS to access our tribune with view on the main stage. Want to come for the three full days? Then a combi ticket will grant you the best deal! Are you taking a large group of friends to Live is Live? Then go for Happy Together, our group ticket category where you buy 9 tickets and get the 10th one for free (for both day tickets and combi tickets).

Within our ticketing system (See Tickets) you can upgrade or downgrade your tickets for Live is Live. Note that when you downgrade your tickets, YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOTH TICKET TYPES. When upgrading, you will need to pay an additional cost for the new ticket.

/ How do I contact See Tickets?

Our ticket partner See Tickets is happy to answer any ticket related questions. You can get in touch with them via the following link.

/ How do I change the name on a ticket?

Have you already personalised your ticket(s), but still need to change the name on the ticket? You can! You can still change the name on the ticket via your See Tickets ticket account with the buttons ‘more actions’ - ‘name change’. Please note: this action involves an administrative fee.

/ Can I resell my tickets?

Can't attend Live is Live anymore and want to sell yourticket(s)? You can do so via See Tickets' reseller platform. Through your ticket account, you can offer your ticket(s) at a price you decide. All tickets are collected  on the official resale platform.

Please note that there is an administrative cost associated with reselling your ticket(s) through this See Tickets reseller platform. This is because a new ticket with a new barcode will be created. We strongly recommend that you only use the reseller platform of our official ticket partner See Tickets. Only they can guarantee the security and reliability of the resale process. They provide a secure environment for both the organisation and the ticket buyer. We cannot guarentee a safe transaction when not using the official reseller platform of See Tickets.

/ How can I order tickets for the wheelchair platform?

If you wish to order tickets for the wheelchair platform, please reserve your tickets via our ticket shop. If you order these tickets, you will get guidance and information from our security on the venue. You have to enter the event through the Crew Entrance. You will receive more information from us closer to the event.

Regarding accessibility for persons with reduced mobility:

  • A disabled platform (without chairs) is provided as last year. You may bring your own folding chairs if you have a medical prescription you can show. Space is limited, but we want to try our best to make this as convenient and comfortable for you as possible.
  • The organisation will also ensure that the bar and food stands are easily accessible.
  • This platform is provided for those who need it. It is therefore compulsory to reserve a ticket for this in advance so that the organisation can monitor how many places need to be provided.
  • The accompanying person (max 1) must also buy a ticket that gives access to this platform, so via this link.
  • A limited number of disabled parking spaces will be provided. We will later send you an email with the question if you need a parking space. Please keep in mind that these are limited and that we cannot provide a space for everyone, so we will ask for a medical prescription.
  • The organisation will provide guidance on site for those who need it.

We do our best to make the festival site as accessible as possible for everyone, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every part of the site will be (easily) reachable by people with disabilities or in wheelchairs.

/ Are there accommodation tickets?

Unfortunately, we don’t have our own accommodation (festival camping) during Live is Live. We recommend staying in one of the lovely hotels in Antwerp or looking for an accommodation that fits your needs. There are a lot of options! Our recommendations:

How to get there

/ Can I order parking tickets?

We recommend not coming by car. Rather use public transport, bicycle or come on foot if you can. Do you still come by car? Then you can park in our paid parking.

P2 (Katwilgweg): €10 per day

Note: you need a parking ticket every day. If you come for three days (combi), you will need a separate parking ticket for each day. The car park is cleared every night.

More options for parking (first come first serve) are the park & rides (P&R) around Antwerp. These are the easiest to reach:

P+R Linkeroever

  • Navigate to P+R Linkeroever with Waze
  • Navigate to P+R Linkeroever with Google Maps

P+R Merksem

  • Navigate to P+R Merksem with Waze
  • Navigate to P+R Merksem with Google Maps

P+R Melsele

  • Navigate to P+R Melsele with Waze
  • Navigate to P+R Melsele with Google Maps

From these car parks, you can take public transport (tram) to the festival. You can get off at the Regatta stop. After the last show, extra trams run to the car parks and to the centre of Antwerp.

/ How to get there?

Live /s Live EDITION ③ takes place at Middenvijver (Linkeroever), 2050 Antwerp. The best way to reach the festival is by bike, foot or public transport. Tickets for our event shuttle buses are already available. More info can be found via the following link. All practical information will be available soon.

/ Where will Live is Live take place?

Address: Middenvijver, 2050 Antwerp

Middenvijver park provides an excellent setting for the third edition of Live is Live. The location is just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city centre of Antwerp, a spacious oasis just across the river. A place that guarantees a pure and intimate vibe.