Fri June 28
13:00 – 13:55
Groot Podium

Intergalactic Lovers

Intergalactic Lovers, the best export product from Aalst next to onions, has not had an easy few years. A long break, personal setbacks and an unfortunate encounter with Covid-19 that forced singer Lara to literally reinvent her voice ensured that the record 'Liquid Love' did not become an easy one to make. But look, together with Luuk Cox (Shameboy) they diligently continued their intergalactic story, and the result focuses more on those dancing feet than the other albums. But dear introspective pop lover, fear not, for Lara's sweet voice and gentle melodies have not drifted away. Should the rain still 'drip drip drip' on us this Friday afternoon during Live is Live, Intergalactic Lovers will still make the sun glow in our hearts.

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Intergalactic Lovers

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